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Tortellini Salad

I'm making some tortellini salad and thought I'd share :)

Here's how I make it:

Saute some mushrooms, onions and garlic and put aside. (I put on paper towels to soak up fat)

Cook tortellini in boiling, salted water, according to package directions. Two minutes before it's done, throw in a bunch of fresh broccoli cut bite size. Finish boiling for two more minutes, drain well.

In the pan with the drained tortellini and broccoli, drizzle some olive oil. Stir gently once. Add spices of choice (basil and black pepper are good). Stir gently again. Then add mushroom/onion/garlic and feta cheese. Serve warm or cold.

Fully customizable, of course. Tonight I'm using chicken and prosciutto tortellini, but usually just use cheese. Sometimes I add ham. Red and yellow peppers. Shredded zucchini. Thin slices of carrot.
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