Dani (fireyirishangel) wrote in bunnyummy,

Which cupcakes would you eat?

My paid account ran out awhile ago, so I'm unable to make polls. So please use the comments to answer the question!

Which cupcake(s) would you eat at a party:
1. Banana cake with peanut butter icing
2. Peanut butter cake with chocolate icing
3. Cookies 'n' cream cupcakes (chocolate cupcakes with cream icing)
4. Cherry chocolate chunk cupcakes
5. Cranberry cupcakes with maple cream cheese icing
6. Chocolate orange cupcakes
7. Coconut cream cupcakes
8. Caramel apple cupcakes
9. Yellow cake with chocolate icing
10. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing

Suggestions are welcome.

This is for my grandfather's surprise 75th birthday, for which there will be approximately 100 people in attendance. I'm willing to make up to 4 flavors, but no more - I'll have enough to do with this lot as it is. Yes, I need my head examined.

Please vote - I'm trying to figure out the biggest crowd pleasers so I don't end up taking 40 cupcakes home with me. Of the last two options I know I'll do one, since they're the "generic" cake options that most everyone who likes cake will eat. But I don't know which.
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